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What is regenexx

Regenexx is the family of procedures that feature stem cell and blood platelet treatments. It is an advanced, non-surgical alternative for patients who suffer from chronic joint or bone pain, torn or strained tendons and ligaments, as well as other injuries and degenerative conditions.  The human body consists of billions of specialized cells. When some of them are damaged or die, new ones are formed from universal stem cells to replace them. Therefore, stem cells are responsible for healing injured bones and tissues. The lack of these cells in an injured area is what slows down the healing process–or makes it impossible.

The Regenexx Procedure helps to solve this problem by injecting stem cells into the damaged area. Thus, the Regenexx Procedure enhances the body’s natural ability to heal, and patients experience little downtime, thus avoiding the long rehabilitation periods which usually follow surgery.

As it ages, the human body produces fewer stem cells. The volume of stem cells in a certain area may be higher than in other areas. During the Regenexx Procedure, doctors extract stem cells from an area of high volume, usually bone marrow, and re-inject them into the damaged area. This method can be used for treating patients with a wide range of injuries and conditions, including elbow, knee, and neck pain, arthritis, meniscus tears, chronic ankle strain, etc.

Regenexx has a Same-Day Stem Cell Protocol, also known as a “same-day procedure.” A patient’s stem cells are harvested and re-injected all in the same day, although the treatment can consist of a series of injections that happen over the course of about a week. 

Regenexx procedure

Regenexx is the leader in the field of regenerative interventional orthopedics. The Regenexx Family of Procedures employs specialized procedures for the extraction, purification, concentration, and injection of stem cells into any given injured area. This is a new and rapidly developing treatment method. Research is ongoing as Regenexx strives to improve the most effective protocols of stem cell isolation and delivery. These research-based improvements in the Regenexx Procedure allow for the maximization of positive patient outcomes. Every patient is recorded in the Regenexx registry database–their contribution to the overall research and advancement of this method.

Pros and cons of regenexx stem cell procedures


  • Minimally invasive
  • Low risk of side effects
  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • In most cases, a patient’s own stem cells are used for the procedure
  • Addresses a number of injuries and conditions affecting joints


  • Expensive
  • Patients can’t take certain medications during the procedure which isn’t practical for individuals whose health condition require regular intake of medications

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