Regenexx stem cell procedures

Regenexx introduces the up-to-date technologies to offer innovative procedures using autologous stem cells and platelet-rich plasma for treatment of joint/bone pain of different etiology, torn/strained tendons or ligaments, and many other kinds of orthopedic injuries and degenerative conditions.

These procedures, сarried out by professionals are a worthy alternative to many modern treatments that can help avoid serious surgical operations.


Regenexx Stem Cell procedures & super concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma therapy


Regenexx Stem Cell Procedures

Regenexx stem cell procedures involve the painless and safe extraction of stem cells, their further cultivation (to receive the necessary number of stem cells) in laboratory conditions, and injection into the injured area of the body.

Such therapy allows the human body to start the regeneration processes so that the injuries can be cured naturally.

How it works

The procedure is carried out using the “bone marrow aspiration”, which differs from traditional bone marrow biopsy due to increased patient comfort during the procedure.

Most often, the several-stage procedure occurs is carried out within one day.

Regenexx super concentrated platelet-rich plasma and next-generation platelet lysate

It is a non-surgical procedure that implies using the autologous platelets for the treatment of joint pain, tendinitis, ligament, or tendon problems due to injury or wear-and-tear.

The platelet injection therapy is highly effective due to the stimulating effect that the platelet mixture exerts on the stem cells of the body. It forces them to work more actively and heal damaged tissues much faster.

Regenexx-SCP is a more advanced form of the famous “PRP therapy”: it uses a cleaner and more concentrated platelet mixture than those used in most regenerative medicine clinics.

The therapy is usually used for less severe injuries and conditions and is much cheaper than stem cell therapy.

How it works

The procedure involves drawing the patient’s own blood and passing it through a centrifuge that separates the platelets and makes the mixture more concentrated. After that, the platelet mixture is injected into the patient’s body.

Post injection rehab

The duration of the rehabilitation period depends on the type of procedure.

For example, with arthritis of the knee joint, the patient can expect a 3-day recovery, followed by a slow return to normal activity within 6 weeks.

Although this procedure may involve wearing a knee pad during the rehabilitation period, only a few types of procedures can be really inconvenient for patients.


  • Regenexx procedures solve the orthopedic problems of patients by accurate delivery of a high concentration of autologous stem cells or platelets to the damaged area, thereby accelerating the natural regeneration of tissues.
  • Since the first Regenexx cell therapy in 2005, more than 107,150 stem cell orthopedic procedures have been performed. Today, these are the most advanced and sought-after cell procedures in the world.
  • Regenexx uses specialized technologies for the extraction, purification, concentration, and injection of stem cells.
  • Regenexx is using advanced imaging guidance technologies (real-time fluoroscopy or musculoskeletal ultrasound, using MRI to plan the injection).
  • Regenexx‘s “ Same-Day Stem Cell Protocol” is a same-day procedure (the stem cells are harvested and reinjected on the same day).
  • Treatment implies a so-called “bone marrow aspiration” procedure. Unlike traditional bone marrow biopsy, it is completely painless for patients.
  • Regenexx spends significant funds on innovation, and the company has a research team led by a Ph.D. and top-notch doctors.